Kids Lacrosse: A Guide to Coaching Elementary School Boys’ Lacrosse

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The club thing is kind of conveying that they have to.

That's unacceptable to college coaches who value the skills and conditioning students attain from multiple sports. Most of the 4, girls at the Express are from clubs. Many have written college officials ahead of time, letting them know they are going to be there and asking them to please, please, watch them pass, run and score.

But only a small number are scholarship material. Only Division I and II teams can give scholarships, and full rides are rare in any case. In Mr.

Battaglino's view, only 5 percent should play at the top Division I level. Vincent College in Riverdale, N. Clearly, some players will be disappointed. For others, dreams come true. At 17, Rachel Guerrera is a case in point. Her job is to stop other girls from scoring. While actual contact is allowed only in boys' lacrosse, Rachel uses her body to block a competitor or check a girl's stick. Says Rachel: "Give me a girl to watch and I'll get the job done. Rachel has not attended expensive camps or hired a personal trainer. It was totally worth it, she says.

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But she still needs financial help for college. Her mother is an assistant preschool teacher; her father is a safety coordinator for the town of Hempstead.

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For Rachel, the interest from top colleges is the culmination of countless ice packs and Advils, meals gulped in transit, and thousands of hours of practice, games and late-night studying. Class co-president for four years, Rachel also has a 97 average and made a on both the math and verbal portions of the SAT.

At times, leaving in the predawn darkness for yet another tournament, she wanted to give up, she says. At the Express, Rachel plays her heart out, battling through seven exhausting games on Sunday. By the sixth game, even with the Duke coach watching, Rachel bends over, her legs burning and chest heavy, and tells her coach, "I need to come out.

Athletes often play with injuries, especially when a scholarship is hanging in the balance.

Lacrosse Drills for Beginners - Offensive Drills Series by IMG Academy Lacrosse Program (1 of 4)

Traci competes that day with a stress fracture so severe that an orthopedist warned her to stay on crutches or risk a complete fracture. But the Boston University coach may be watching. The gamble pays off with a promise of a scholarship from B. Without lacrosse, says Traci, who has attended skills camps since sixth grade, she would go to a state college because of her lackluster test scores. Rachel and Traci's team will publicize its success on its Web site, as other clubs do, bolstering the perception of lacrosse as an advantage in admissions.

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But speed and athleticism can't be bought or coached, and competition for spots at prominent schools is incredibly tough. Shay, referring to the date when Division I coaches have traditionally contacted students entering their senior year. Outside the coaches' tent at the Express, Mr. Spinner of Mount St. Vincent College recalls how the pressure from parents became so unbearable that he left Greenwich High School, where he had coached the girls' team to the state finals in "It became an obsession for parents. It wasn't about finding a right fit for the kid. It was finding the school with the biggest name.

I got parents calling me up, saying, 'I want my kid to get into the Ivy League. Later, at one Express game, an agitated, bare-chested father questions a referee's call -- a taboo. Such pushiness can undermine a child's prospects. The same drive surfaces at some of the camps.

Girls – Thunderstruck Lacrosse

Parents repeatedly call and e-mail officials to try to enroll their sons at the prestigious Warrior Champ Camp, which is held at Johns Hopkins national champions in Baltimore and accepts mainly high school varsity, travel or all-star teams. Specific times will depend on field and coach availability, but practices are minutes in length. All interested lacrosse players are expected to attend our Feb. Even if you are new to the game and trying lacrosse for the first time, please attend this fun session so you can be introduced to the sport, our coaches and coordinators.

As players get started playing in our relaxed clinic skill building environment, ORYA Lacrosse coordinators will meet with all parents and discuss program philosophy, approach and expectations of the season. The 7U program is a COED introduction to the sport of lacrosse, focusing on having fun while learning the basic skills. This 6 week program utilizes drills, small station work and activities to keep kids busy and engaged.

Soft balls will be used and actual lacrosse games are NOT played until players are able to catch, throw and move with the ball. Participants will only need a stick and sneakers. All players make a team at this age group for boys and girls. Then remove the butt-end cover and cut the shaft. A hacksaw will go through the titanium quickly. Use emery cloth or fine sandpaper to eliminate any burrs left from cutting.

Put the butt-end cover back on and tape it to the stick with athletic tape wrapped around the shaft several times. Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this issue,so thanks for sharing. I will definitely be coming back to your posts. I have been wondering about this topic,so thanks for blogging. I will probably be subscribing to your site.


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