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But his love for his family carries on, and he will be back soon… Written by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher MacGregor and based on his own experiences of going away from home, this comforting, wise book helps to explain why parents sometimes have to go away and shows ways to help children cope. Read more. Emma Yarlett Emma Yarlett likes to paint, draw, collage, design, write, doodle, construct, invent, splatter and sketch.

Related titles. Where The Wild Things Are. Kate Ritchie , Hannah Sommerville.

Hazel Edwards , Deborah Niland. The Dog with Seven Names. Spot's First Christmas. The Tiny Star. Mem Fox , Freya Blackwood. No One Likes a Fart. Zoe Foster Blake , Adam Nickel. Emily Winfield Martin. Nikki Shannon Smith. The Book Of Mistakes. Janette Sebring Lowrey. Subscribe to Read More to find out about similar books. The book also includes a 'How To' section describing ideas families can use during deployment to help children cope.

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Author: Genesis Robinson, Copyright There is nothing in the world that Lani wants more than to have her dad return home from his deployment. Her dad is in the Navy, and she has been waiting many months for him to come home. Every night when she goes to bed, she dreams about things that mean the most to her, especially seeing her dad. She wakes up every morning expecting her beautiful dream to be a reality, but she ends up sad and disappointed.

My Daddy's Going Away

Will Lani see her most special dream come true? Many children dream of that special day that their mommy or daddy will come home. Through this story, children will be comforted in knowing they have family who loves them, while they wait to see their most important dream come true. Make Me a Memory. Author: Tamra Norton, Copyright Her dad has left for the faraway country of Iraq to fulfill his duty as a soldier, and Allie is going with her mom and pesky little brother, Spencer, to live with her grandma in Edna, Idaho—"Hicksville"—while her mom is expecting a new baby.

Throughout this time of struggles, discovery, and even a bit of fun, Allie comes to understand that memories, as well as loved ones, can be both precious and fragile. Maria Misses Her Hero. Author: Mario Ybarra, Jr.

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If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Author: Anne Stratford, Copyright Stratford, "but what often gets overlooked is that they are also dealing with things on a deeper level; that's the piece that needed a voice. Spending time with Daddy can be great fun! Writing workshop. Writing workshops.

Copyright A courageous little girl, a teddy bear named "Hope" and a wish for a military dad to return home. Little Maria finds herself questioning why her father is absent from home for long periods of time. When she accidentally discovers the answer, Maria's longing for her father's presence is put to the test. Ironically, it is her courageous spirit that sets the tone for her father's safe return. It aims to instill understanding, empathy and patriotism in the hearts of all who read it.

Robby is a military child's icon for all that is brave and proud to be American. Robby will take you on a short journey through his life as a C and the adventures of deployments. He will show you what he does during deployments, the importance of this beloved aircraft, and the understanding of a military soldier's job that touch the hearts and homes of many. Let Robby enter your homes and your hearts to help befriend your child while Daddy or Mommy is away. Robby can relate to everything a child goes through when a loved one is deployed or on extended duty.

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Miss You to Pieces. Author: Donna Purkey, Copyright To help Riley count the days, his mom introduces a unique puzzle project in which he also finds comfort, strength, and encouragement. The puzzle project can be easily adapted for any family experiencing a temporary separation. The book includes tips for creating your own puzzle project! My Daddy Is a Guardsman. It can be hard for the children of members of the National Guard to understand why Daddy or Mommy has to go away on a mission for a long time. My Daddy Is a Hero.

I am a disabled Army veteran.

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I witnessed first hand the struggles that parents face when they have to explain to their children why it is that their parent is going to war. What I saw with my friends' children pressed upon my heart so much that I wanted to come up with some way to help all military families cope with this difficult situation. Military children often don't understand and are left wondering what happens when their parent is sent overseas.

This book, through the eyes of a child, teaches young military children the whole process, from start to finish, what happens when their daddy is sent to a foreign land with the Armed Forces. Enjoy the book and please support our troops. My Daddy Is an Airman. In simple text and pictures, this book lets kids know that daddy has an important job: helping poor people around the world, capturing bad guys, and making the world a safer place to live.

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My Daddy Is a Soldier. Author: Anne Stratford, Copyright Stratford, "but what often gets overlooked is that they are also dealing with things on a deeper level; that's the piece that needed a voice.

Color picture book for young military families show how Daddy's job is important. My Daddy Is Deployed. Author: Brandy Marik, Copyright Anna and her mom explore her feelings about deployment and all of the ways that the little girl can think of to get her daddy home Anna's mom encourages her creativity through make-believe and imaginative play. In the end, Anna's mom tells her that they need to be strong and daddy will be home before she knows it. Anna dreams about the day her daddy comes home and how perfect it will be!

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Like other board books intended for children ages 0 - 3 this book is illustrated with large colorful pictures depicting Anna's ideas, while short sentences tell about the picture for developing young readers. The story is words in length for developing attention spans. The artwork is intended to be another part of the learning experience for young readers, teaching children the names of different types of different objects, colors and places in the world around them.

My Daddy Is in the Air Force. Author: Nick Hoth, Copyright Ages 4 and up. The heartwarming tale of a father who must leave his family to help protect and serve his country. His two sons find it hard to cope with the time spent away from their father, but they continue on, knowing that he loves them with all of his heart and will be home soon to spend valuable time with them.

My Daddy, My Hero. The Daddy is out helping the good guys.

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And although we miss them while they are away, we are very proud of them. My Daddy Sleeps Everywhere. Author: Jesse Franklin, Copyright In this wonderful story, daddy travels to every clime and place including the mountains, the prairie, the jungle, and everywhere in between. No matter how far daddy is from home, home is never far from his mind.

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My Dad Is a Green Beret. Author: Amber Marie, Copyright This picture book uses a simple one-sentence per page narrative to explain both the Special Forces soldier's mission and the difficulties faced by that soldier's daughter while he is away. A useful tool in the military family's arsenal for dealing with long and frequent separations. A must read for young children of Green Berets, especially helpful during deployment. A deployment story Edition 3. Military families sometimes have to spend a lot of time apart from each other while serving their country, with one or more of the parents deployed.

The separation can be just a few days in length or many months.